East Bay Bus Rapid Transit

AC Transit’s East Bay BRT project is one of a few “full” or “true” BRT projects existing or planned in the Bay Area, including the recently completed Alum Rock-Santa Clara project in San Jose and the under-construction Van Ness project in San Francisco. Each features bus lanes in the median of a major street, with island platforms, although East Bay BRT — an upgrade of AC Transit’s Line 1 in East Oakland — is the largest by far. Previously, the project was even larger, continuing up Telegraph Avenue through North Oakland to the UC campus and Downtown Berkeley, but Boomer townies who graduated Cal in the ’60s and ’70s were less concerned about green, affordable transportation options for current and future students than they were about traffic and parking for themselves.


This map includes one idea that is kind of neat, if I must say so myself: a custom compass for the East Bay. The typeface is Source Sans.

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