Bay Area Rapid Transit

When the Berryessa extension is opened some time next year, the official BART map will be revised. Rumor has it, it will be similar to the existing map. Which is fine. It’s not embarrassing, which is more than you can say for most American transit maps. But it’s not as good as it could be. This map takes cues from the current map, but corrects several flaws. It streamlines the Bay shore to reflect the diagrammatic representation of lines, and positions stations roughly relative to their actual locations. It preserves the “Mission curve,” a defining feature within San Francisco. It provides additional information including schedules. It rebrands lines by color rather than destination, a move that BART has flirted with but not yet embraced. Finally, it corrects the greatest flaw of the current map: It shows eBART (Pittsburg/Bay Point-Antioch) as it truly is, a separate line, rather than a continuation of the SFO-Pittsburg/Bay Point line.

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