Seattle Rapid Transit 2024

The gold standard in transit maps of the Emerald City is the semi-official city transit map by CHK America’s Oran Viriyincy, an ideal balance of detail and legibility. This map is both simpler and more complicated, not necessarily in a good way. But it does one thing other Seattle transit maps don’t: It illustrates what the core transit network will look like during the relatively long period between 2024 and 2030*, in the lull between completion of the Sound Transit 2 package of expansion projects and the bulk of Sound Transit 3 (a few ST3 “early wins” will be completed before 2024). Seattle will be at the center of a growing regional light rail network (one that will be mostly grade-separated, unlike in other U.S. cities), and its disconnected streetcar lines will have been joined together by a downtown segment with its own lanes in the center of the street — but large parts of the city will still be served primarily by rapid bus lines, as the West Seattle-Ballard rail line, with its second downtown tunnel, won’t yet have arrived. (* These timelines, of course, are likely to prove optimistic.)

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