Seattle Light Rail

Along with greater Los Angeles, metropolitan Seattle has the fastest-growing rail system in North America. This concept for an in-car strip map shows Link light rail as it will appear around the middle of this decade, and as it will remain for a few years after, until the next big wave of expansion currently planned for the 2030s. The existing system consists of Line 1 (currently just “Link,” after an aborted attempt at calling it the Red Line) between Angle Lake and the University of Washington (soon to be Northgate). Stride bus rapid transit also does not yet exist.


This is more or less what a mid-’20s Link strip map should look like based on current branding, assuming Sound Transit shows both lines on a single diagram, and if the agency ever lets go of its station pictograms, which only really make sense where illiteracy rates are high (a more universal way to reinforce station names is the Asian system of numbering them). The typeface is Akzidenz-Grotesk. As always when I post a Seattle transit map (this is my fourth or fifth), I will note that the standard in Puget Sound transit mapping remains Oran Viriyincy’s city map, now accompanied by an Eastside map.

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