Seattle Future Light Rail

The Puget Sound region’s Link light rail system is, along with those in greater Los Angeles and Denver, among the fastest-growing metropolitan rail networks in North America: From a 14-mile first leg from Downtown Seattle to just short of SeaTac Airport that didn’t open until 2009 (since extended a few miles on each end, including north to the University of Washington), it is planned to grow to more than 110 miles by 2041, including a north-south spine extending more than 60 miles from Everett to Tacoma. At that point, it will be nearly as big as BART. And this won’t be slow light rail of the sort you’re used to in the U.S., stopping at red lights every few blocks: With the exception of a short stretch south of Downtown Seattle (and a separate streetcar line branded Tacoma Link, not shown here), it will be a fully grade-separated “light metro” including two subway lines in central Seattle.


The typeface (Akzidenz-Grotesk) and colors are those of Sound Transit, which to its credit publishes its brand guide online. The greatest of all Seattle transit maps, by the way, is still Oran Viriyincy‘s.

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