San Francisco Bus Rapid Transit

Like AC Transit’s East Bay BRT project across the Bay, San Francisco’s Geary and Van Ness BRT projects will feature bus-only lanes and island platform stations in the street median, making them among only a handful of “full” or “true” on-street BRT projects in North America*.  Along with Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, Geary is one of the busiest bus corridors west of the East Coast, with more than 50,000 daily boardings and buses running as often as every 3 minutes, and its upgrade will fill a major hole in San Francisco’s transit network.  That said, the project has been delayed and compromised — that center-running segment will cover only about a quarter of the route’s length — and many are still holding out for a future rail line. For BRT to have a future in San Francisco, both the Geary and Van Ness lines will have to feel at least a little bit like rail lines — and that will require a serious branding and wayfinding effort, including custom line maps. (* Geary BRT will be built in phases; its center-running segment will be built in phase two.)

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