Los Angeles Future Rail & BRT

Transporting the masses has always been a zero-sum game in Los Angeles. L.A. was built by streetcars; then modern L.A. was built around the car. Only recently have Angelenos begun to realize that any metropolis of 16 million*, no matter how lowrise, cannot live on roads alone. The long-term project to rebuild the Red Car network got underway in the ’80s, but 2008 was a turning point. That’s when voters approved Measure R, a 30-year tax to, among other things, build multiple Metro Rail lines. In 2016, they doubled down on Measure R by raising the tax and making it permanent, via Measure M. The map below includes all existing and planned Metro rail and BRT lines, as well as a couple of unrelated projects that are largely funded and likely to happen (note that some of the timelines below are based on Metro‚Äôs Twenty-Eight by ’28 Olympics program, which is not fully funded). Stylistically, the diagram draws on clean and simple Central European examples. (* Depending on how you measure it, there are somewhere between 13 and 19 million people in Greater Los Angeles.)

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