Downtown Los Angeles Transit

Since 2000, the population of Downtown Los Angeles (or #DTLA, as the kids and real estate agents like to call it) has grown from less than 30,000 to roughly 60,000. Most of those new residents are younger, and likelier to walk, bike or take transit even if they can afford cars (as most of them can). Yet despite its relatively simple and well-connected street network, Downtown L.A. is not easy to get around by transit — or it doesn’t seem easy. There’s plenty of transit; maybe too much, as it’s virtually impossible to map it all in a way that de-mystifies it for newbies. This map simplifies Downtown L.A. transit options by showing only Metro Rail subway and light rail lines and City of L.A. DASH shuttle routes, which are designed for circulation within downtown. It includes planned changes to DASH, and makes some assumptions about stop locations on new route segments.

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